Heat Reflective Coating

We all know how hot Australian summers can be. Having a Roof that reflects the sun will save you heaps on electricity if you have your Air Conditioner running constantly.  If you don’t have an air conditioner then you will certainly appreciate the benefits of a heat reflective roof.

We use Cool Roof by Dulux® AcraTex® for Professional Roof Restoration
The simple fact that by reflecting more of the Sun’s radiation, InfraCOOL® can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat build up in roof spaces that can filter into living zones†

Download the Cool Roof Residential Colour Selector with FACT SHEET

† An important note about InfrCOOL is the extent to which InfraCOOL® may translate to internal benefits in warm conditions will depend on variables such as colour choice,building design (including roof pitch, materials & window placement), insulation, ventilation, occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio of exposed roof area to floor area.

The colour choice can still make a difference – Cool Roof White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall.

Download the Cool Roof Residential Colour Selector with FACT SHEET for more information

InfraCOOL® increases Total Solar Reflection (TSR) to make colours cooler than their standard equivalent. Higher TSR % means COOLER surface temperature.

TSR comparisons for each colour are provided on the Colour Selector and Full TSR reports including Surface Temperature estimates to ATSM E1980 are available below