Perth Roof Respraying

High quality roof respraying demands quality roof preparation and quality sealant spray.  Irrespective of whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof, Passione Roof Restoration experts will always do a first class  job of preparing your roof and supplying the right paint for your situation.

The structure and condition of rooves vary.  Selecting the correct type of spray and using it securely and efficiently relating to the manufacturer’s suggestions is our job.

You will be very pleased with the appearance of your newly resprayed roof, and you can be assured that it will look its best for years to come.

Metal Roofing Restoration

When we bring back a metal roof, groundwork is the secret to our well finished and long lasting finish.

The roof is thoroughly inspected for leaks, rust, insecure flashings and wobbly screws.  Once these fundamental faults are corrected the roofing is meticulously cleaned via high pressure water spray, and gutters and downpipes thoroughly cleaned and comprehensively flushed.

The roof are now sprayed with a high quality sealant roofing spray, which will conserve and beautify your roofing.

We pride ourselves on our tidiness, removing all garbage and leaving a fitting backdrop to your restored metal roof.

High Pressure Cleaning Services

Over the years, your metal or concrete roofing can be subjected to weathering such as dirt, mould, moss and lichen.

These stains affect the look of your home.  Bird droppings and mould spores can have an effect on the wellbeing of the household particularly for those who rely on rainwater tanks. These are important factors for carrying out high pressure cleaning on rooves.

Moreover, if your roofing is being restored or repaired, high pressure cleaning is vital to put down the foundation for an valuable and long lasting finish.